About Dr. King

Dr. King is an experienced professional having broad analytical, facilities and systems, GMP, and management experience with a record of high-level responsibility and proven accomplishment in pharmaceuticals chemicals, and biocides. Analytical perspective, technically current, and results oriented.

Dr. King's key strengths are his ability to lead and manage people, to change organizational units and projects from inception to completion to meet customer, quality, regulatory and business expectations.

Dr. King is an innovative scientist who finds or invents and develops cost-effective methodologies and procedures.

Dr. King is a problem solver/innovator with the ability to comprehend, and to successfully interpret, the complex interrelationships among customers, quality, regulations, processes, operations, and technologies.

Dr. King is an analytical chemist with excellent written and verbal skills as well as in-depth understanding of chemistry, pharmaceutics and all facets of the industry {CGMP; GLP; GAMP; ISO 9000; TQM; Commissioning; Qualification; Validation; mission, vision and values statements; general policies; standard operating procedures (ìSOPsî); design, development and validation of test methods, equipment, processes, and supplies; scheduling; staffing and training; materials definition; methods; and systems management}.